Ohhh… the happiness we’d truly feel.  The love we’d have for ourselves.

Here is my 4 year old son… “just lookin’ at my big!” — Meaning he was just checking out his big muscles, and admiring himself, in the mirror in our garage while taking a little break from me giving him his first red mohawk!  (My first as well!)

He was loving how cool he looked… and he didn’t realize I caught it on video lol!  And the more I watch this video… the more I’m captivated by his sweet innocence.  Soon enough he’ll be worried about being caught on camera without a shirt on.  Soon enough he’ll start to judge himself in the physical sense… like we all do as we grow older.  But MAN… I wish he wouldn’t.  I wish he’d continue to love himself THIS MUCH FOREVER!  Cuz he’s perfect.  We all are.

Feel me?

ps… it’s ok to laugh at his expense here.  He and I both have… multiple times watching this video.  🙂

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