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National Teachers Appreciation Week! WHO DO YOU APPRECIATE?!

National Teachers Appreciation WEEK… should be every week.  If we’re being honest.  At least every week you spend with our most prized possessions.  You do ALL the things for the ones we love the most, our kiddos!  And you do so usually silently, in your classrooms, without us even realizing, always with a warm smile, a needed hug, and a vote of confidence.  And somehow you know which one every single kid you see, every single different day, needs.

We are SOOOOO THANKFUL for our teachers! It took a national pandemic for us to really grasp the amount of respect you deserve, on the daily.  You may not be in scrubs or operating rooms, or technically saving lives, though sometimes you truly are… but you most certainly operate on the front lines, ALWAYS molding those lives, every day, while us parents do all the things necessary of us.  Ohhh… and many of you are moms and dads as well, so you do too.  Our teacher friends… YOU are truly remarkable humans.  And we thank you, from the bottom of our toes.  So yes, you… YOU are very much ESSENTIAL.  
I just talk on the radio.  And I get the opportunity, like this, to remind people just how special they really really are.  So as you read this… instead of grading papers, or doing another one of the million things teachers must do on their own time, that you’d normally be doing… please just remember how very incredible you are.  And please be extra kind to yourself this week… and accept the appreciation we’re giving.  Cuz it’s there.  My GOD is it there.

The saying goes… it takes a village to raise a child… And YOU, you are one of the strongest parts of our village.  Thank you.  We miss you.  As do our… your kids.  So much.

I love you,

PLEASE VISIT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES, ESPECIALLY OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND COMMENT ON THIS POST, TAGGING A TEACHER (as many as you’d like) WHO HAS MADE AN IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE.  Please, let them know.  They NEED to know, just how great they are, and how much you appreciate them!

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