Jose Bolanos is not one to shy away from being vulnerable on social media. Last week, he put up a self-titled “Long and Dramatic” post about some recent developments in his DM’s and Jubal thought who better to put those sad sentiments into a BLUES SONG than Young Jeffrey!

Full Lyrics of Facebook Blues:

(WARNING: Long and dramatic post)

The audacity of some people lol. There is a girl who has made plans with me and GHOSTED me 4 times in a row. (I know im an idiot for even rescheduling once…) Then texts me today asking how I’m doing and doesn’t even apologize…. I honestly realize this is life telling me to just focus on myself right now which is EXACTLY what i need to do. I have a great job, wonderful family, awesome friends and even fans that i talk to almost daily online who are just nice people! The girls that are attracted to me and DM me I’m not interested in, and the ones i AM interested in ghost and definitely don’t feel the same way back. I have ONE date scheduled in the future and I am excited because its the first date I’ve had in months and she has been cool af. But other than that… i think the universe is telling me to chill and enjoy the life I am blessed with. We’re not ALL meant to find someone and sometimes i realize maybe my blessing is to make people happy/laugh and maybe I’m not destined for love or a wife or kids… Okay rant over

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