We’re stuck home.  Some days I love it.  Some days I don’t.  And even at the age of 4… I’m gonna guess (because he and his soon to be 7yr old brother have screamed it in my direction out of frustration more than once over the past month… but can you blame them?) my son feels the same way.

So today… today I tried making his day fun!  And giving him something to remember that would maybe bring a smile to his face, and OMG DID IT EVER… SCORE MOM… and it may end up being the only thing he really even DOES remember from that time we were all stuck home together for days and days and days (except for seeing his mom cry more often than usual) just MAYBE he’ll think back on that time we were quarantined together and she gave him a super sweet red mohawk!


Ps… Buddha, you’re my extreme child.  Everything you do, you do it 110%.  You argue and fight the hardest.  And you love harder, and with more passion (and compassion) than any adult I’ve EVER met… and you’re only 4 years old.  You were only 19 hours old when I nicknamed you “Buddha”… and it wasn’t just because of your amazing little belly (though that will ALWAYS be one of my favorite parts of you…) You, my dear amazing son, were born with an ancient and wise soul.  There is something so incredibly majestic about you… I always say “When God gave us Ivan, He broke the mold.  And he is the reason we only have two children.”  You keep my hands and head full and shuffling, on the daily… but my heart, I promise you, my heart didn’t know the kind of love YOU give even existed, until I was gifted you.  
I love you and your brother more than I could ever love anything in this universe… and I thank the spirits daily for blessing me as your mom.  And I’m not sure how you know exactly how to do it… but EVERY damn time I’m JUST about to lose it AS a mama… it’s you that grabs me, yanking me back in, telling me “I love you mama, all the time”… and that’s all I need.  Every single time.  That’s all anyone (especially any woman) needs.  To be loved, all… the… time. Your future wife and I are the two luckiest women ON THE PLANET.
And you are the baddest little dude, sportin’ a red hawk, I have EVER met!  And your mama is no stranger my sweets… I’ve met my fair share of dudes with mohawks.
I love you, all the time too, Buddha. 

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