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The Short Guy Who Went Viral for His Bagel Shop Rant Says Women Are Now Flocking to Him

In case you missed this, a guy from Long Island, New York went viral earlier this week after he went on an angry rant at a bagel shop about how women won’t date him because he’s short . . . and wound up getting tackled by a taller guy.

Well . . . now we know more about this guy thanks to his 15 minutes of Internet fame.

It turns out he’s a 45-year-old guy named Chris Morgan, he’s five feet even, he owns a cleaning business, and he lives out of his van.

And this isn’t the first rant he’s gone on.  In fact, it turns out he has a YouTube channel of videos of him getting into confrontations with people and yelling offensive things at them . . . and a lot of the time, it’s because he says they’re mocking his height.

But now that his master plan seems to have worked and his confrontation made him famous . . . he’s loving it.

Quote, “My phone is blowing up like the president.  I haven’t even got to my friends.  I got girls hitting on me I don’t even know.”

(New York Post)

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