Talk To Annie: Required Company Holiday Parties?

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Congratulations, your company is having a holiday party this year! Exciting, right? If you’re on the fence about goingbetter think again!

A new study found that 66% of managers view attending the company holiday gathering as an unwritten rule. These managers didn’t say what the consequence would be if employees couldn’t attend, but it sounds like these managers would have some level of disappointment.

Personally, I’m always a fan of a good company party. We honestly have some fantastic coworkers and it is actually fun to spend time with them outside of the office. Also, people watching may as well be my #1 hobby and these festivities are DEFINITELY a perfect people watching occasion! Plus free food and drinks… count me in!

Where do you fall on company holiday parties? Take the poll below and share your comments on the Mix 106.3 Facebook Page.

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