Talk To Annie: Giving Gifts Said To Be Better Than Receiving

Photo credit: Max Oppenheim

A huge amount of people, 86%, reported that they would rather give a gift this holiday than receive one. From this, we know that either a big chunk of people are lying, or that gift givers are so off base with their gifts that we’d rather not receive them at all! Wow… thank you, hand-knitted leg warmers. You shouldn’t have!

This is pretty much going to make me sound like the biggest scrooge out there, but how about we cut out (or REALLY cut down) holiday gifts. Only 14% of people prefer to receive them… so why are we putting each other through this?! The shopping and the running around and the unnecessarily expensive gifts really put pressure on a time that we should all be enjoying! I vote for spend time with your friends and family over frantically buying stuff!

Not to mention, when you receive a gift, doesn’t it feel like you kind of HAVE to find a reciprocal gift for that person? I realize that isn’t the THOUGHT behind most people’s gift-giving, but it IS kind of a social norm. What do you think? Weigh in on the poll below and leave your comments on the Mix 106.3 Facebook Page.

If you receive an unexpected gift from someone, how do you respond?

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