Talk To Annie: Endless Hours Of Holiday Shopping

Photo credit: Martin Dimitrov

If you’re wondering where all of your time goes during the holiday… apparently it’s shopping! How much time do you spend holiday shopping? Share your answers on the Mix 106.3 Facebook Page and take the poll below.

A survey found shoppers spent the most time shopping for their kids totaling 3 hours. These numbers include both online shopping and in-stores. Spouses take about 2.75 hours to shop for and for your parents about 1.75 hours. For the above groups alone, that’s 7.5 hours!

As far as the person for which we spend the least time on shopping… our bosses who STILL clock in at 30 minutes!

Feels like an outrageous amount of time dedicated to spending money in the name of holiday cheer!

Outside of the main family, who do you buy holiday gifts for? (Pick all who apply)

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