Talk To Annie: Boy Vs Girls – Scout Wars

Photo credit: Darrin Klimek

The age-old battle of boys versus girls continues as the Scouts take their issue to court! The Girl Scouts announced that they are suing the Boy Scouts, known now as Scouts BSA for hurting the Girl Scouts organization.

As you may remember, last year, the boys changed their policy and started accepting both boys and girls into the club in the name of inclusion.

I was never involved in scouting, but I think I have a simple solution! Combine the two and take the best of each group: Obviously, that would be the cookies from the Girl Scouts and probably the camping and outdoor fun from the Boy Scouts.

Just think, if they combine, then you don’t have to cringe every time the Boy Scout in your neighborhood asks you to buy some popcorn. No one actually likes the popcorn tins, do they?? Get everyone behind those cookies!

**NOTE: Before any Scout hate mail comes my way… I fully realize that you can’t just slap two organizations together and call it good. All in fun. Scout-On!**

How would you work the Scouts issue?

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