Every day at noon, we will be playing the National Anthem to show our national unity & pride on being Americans & that we’re in this together.

This will be a moment of solidarity to celebrate our collective strength as a Nation & to recognize the efforts of so many workers on the front line… including, but not limited to ALL those working in the healthcare field, including mental health… all police, fire, emergency, & safety workers… public works employees who take care of things such as our trash and water… farmers & all who work in the agriculture and the food industry… those who work in financial services, including departments such as payroll, etc… energy departments… those employed by chemical supply chains & safety… transportation – especially those continuing to deliver supplies… scientists & researchers… communicators, including us in the media for using our outlets for the greater good… those who continue to take care of our public spaces, especially those still being occupied during social distancing such as parks, trails, etc including the DNR… ALL supermarket clerks and those who work in retail, you deserve such compassion during these days… and lastly, to ALL children, parents, spouses, & everyone trying to get a grasp on the change of your day-to-day routine, we see you.  We are you.  And even though we may not be physically standing next to you today, we are with you, & you are not alone.
-Brooke & Jubal in the Morning
-Mandi Martin
-Clay Bird

ALSO, please let it be known that these souls deserve this recognition EVERY day… but may this serve as a friendly reminder that they need our respect, support, and compassion now more than ever.

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