Someone Invented the “Pizza Fork” . . . a Pizza Cutter with a Fork on the End

I don’t know anyone who eats their pizza with a FORK, but I suppose those people are out there.  And now there’s a brand new tool for them . . . and literally no one else.

There’s a Kickstarter going right now for an invention called the PIZZA FORK.

And basically, it’s a pizza cutter with a fork on the end . . . so you can use it to cut yourself a bite of your pizza slice, then pick it up with the fork and eat it.

So far, demand for the Pizza Fork is . . . not good.  The Kickstarter has two days left and it’s only raised about $2,300 of its $10,000 goal.

So if you want the Pizza Fork to become a reality, you’ll need to get over there and pledge.  One fork is $10, or you can get a four pack for $25.



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