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Is Mandi Martin your real name?
Mandi is! I was named after that super awesome Barry Manilow song… thanks dad. Martin is my mom’s maiden name.
Are you normally naked for pics?
No, I’m actually wearing a strapless dress in the pic above… but Ray is crafty with his computer skills.
Relationship status?
Married to Mark, a farmer in the Reese/Fairgrove area… we’re country bumpkins. We celebrate our 10 years on November 22, 2018! And by “celebrate” I mean we’ll have our mom’s make us dinner for Thanksgiving. Score on no cooking! I HATE to cook!
Family life?
Farmer Mark and I have two little boys… I usually refer to them as other names, but I’m being PG here.
Lincoln Lyle-Dean (after our grandpas) is 5, sensitive, mouthy, and a kindergartener at Reese. He’s my mini me. And we butt heads sometimes because we’re so alike!
Ivan Mark (after his daddy, which is so fitting) is 3, and bigger than his brother, yet in preschool. He’s also his daddy’s mini me and will lay you out if needed… or cuddle you hard… whatever the situation calls for. They’re different as day and night, and my entire world!!!

Earl is a 1yr old Merle Great Dane, and the biggest pita ever… yet I love him to the doggy moon and back! Eleanor is about 7 months younger than her big bro, and a Piebald Mantle Great Dane. Yes, it makes a difference which “type” if you’re a Dane lover. She’s super sassy when needed (which is a lot when dealing with Earl) but also super chill. And mama’s only girl. We’re surrounded by boy parts in our house.

Speaking of house… I’m a HUGE house lover!!! I’ll drive around admiring randoms on vacation… or even around home. I also LOVE to decorate! I also used to have a really nice, out of a magazine home… then we had kids and dogs. My Danes are currently running into the door as I type this. Yes, they know it’s closed, but mom is inside and they’re not happy unless next to/ON me. I adore, Pinterest, and for my inspiration… and I’ve been known to decorate friend’s homes too for fun. As long as they’ll come clean mine. I’m not a fan.

When Ray asked me to make a bio (Ray is our bossman for those who don’t know… so when he says to do something… we get around to it eventually) I enlisted the help of one of my greatest girlfriends and fellow boymom, Alycia. So I asked her… “What are some interesting things about me?” And here is how our convo went…

Her: You hate Halloween.
Me: True, yet I love sugar skulls all year. (I also LOVE Christmas & decorate like a mini Bronners & throw 3 Christmas parties every year!)
Her: You’re a very unique farmer’s wife.
Me: I am? Elaborate please…
Her: My image of a farmer’s wife is a simple woman, not very flashy, quiet, tom boyish… cooks and bakes…
Me: Bahahahahahahhahahahaha… true! I’m no Pioneer Woman!
Her: You’re like Posh married a farmer!
Me: I (swear world) LOVE YOU! (Ps I have a bad potty mouth off the air.)

Lastly… I’m a work in progress when it comes to health and nutrition. As I get older… I was born June 11, 1982, you do the math… like many, my health is getting more and more important to me… which is why I use (and sell… message me if you wanna know more… shameless plug) Isagenix every day! As does my entire family and many friends… 600+ of us so far actually in our circle! That’s my full-time “job” these days. Radio is my therapy and fun! I’ve been on the air since 2001… but took a break for 8 years to have babies and get into MLM (multi level marketing) which I found is a huge passion for me! Especially being able to help others with Isa!
Ok… any other questions? I love to talk. About myself mostly. Message me! Smooches peeps!