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Is Mandi Martin your real name? Mandi is! I was named after that darling Barry Manilow song… thanks dad. Martin is my mom’s maiden name. Family life? Farmer Mark & I have two little boys… “Linky Bear” & “Buddha” aka Lincoln & Ivan. They’re as different as day & night, & my entire world. Lover of? Houses, decorating, kindness, animals, quotes, fall, manners, the underdog, empathy, making my marriage stronger, & trying to understand mental illness... in no particular order. Hater of? Rudeness, ignorance, & the word hate. Radio is my therapy, and music is my couch. And in my real life, I have a life coach named Becky that I adore. I’ve been on the air since 2001, but took a break for 8 years to have babies & continue to grow as a woman, wife, & mom. I've had my fair share of $h!t in this beautiful thing called life... & I still choose happiness :)

What's the definition of a lioness?

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