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Mandi Martin

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Is Mandi Martin your real name? Mandi is, after that darling Barry Manilow song… thanks dad. Martin is my mom’s maiden name. I'm a Reese Boymom to my mouthy mini me, 8yr old Lincoln (aka Bear) & my baby soul sent to show me real love, 6yr old Ivan (aka Buddha.) I love houses & decorating. Kind & real people. Great Danes, memes, fall, manners, the underdog, empathy, and an ever-learning advocate for mental illness.0 Radio is my therapy, and song lyrics are my couch. I also love direct sales, and sold Pampered Chef & Isagenix in my last decade. I first hit the airwaves on April Fool's Day, 2001... then shelved my headphones for 8yrs as I became a mom & learned how to really love myself... my most precious accomplishments thus far. I don't run from the hard. I learn from it. Choosing to be happy isn't always easy, but it is always necessary :)

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