Resolution – To Snag A Date? Tips To Attract One

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When combing through dating profiles, it is super easy to be critical of other people and their profiles. So how do you make yourself stand out and appear more attractive? A few easy tips:

  • Be A Grammar Rockstar – If you aren’t great in this area, have a friend (or two) proofread your profile. Even though grammar may not be a fair representation of your smarts, bad grammar can REALLY hurt your chances on dating sites
  • Wear Red – Red is a power color. Experts say that wearing red to a job interview can give you an edge. The same goes for profile photos. People perceive red as a color of strength and power and are more likely to dig deeper into your profile
  • Show Off Your Creative Side – This is a BIG one, especially if you are a guy. We ladies seem to love a creative man. And not to worry, if you’re not creative, be sure to feature something that you are passionate about… it could be a hobby, a favorite charity, or anything that gives you inspiration. This shows your depth and will inspire others.

With a few tweaks, love could be right around the corner for you in 2019! Cheers!

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