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Quarantined with my furbabies… are they happy?! And some of my home!

If you’re also spending your quarantine with your pets… have you noticed if they’re loving or hating it?  OR did they start out one way… and have maybe since changed, now that we’re into month two?

Cuz ummmm… these are my furbabies from over the weekend (Sat & Sun, April 18th & 19th) and I feel like they’re COMPLETE OPPOSITE from when I started broadcasting from home back on March 16th!

Kicking things off with Summit… our 17 week(ish… I’m bad at math) old lab puppy, and my husband’s 40th birthday surprise… yes, I said PUPPY… as in crazy, typically bouncing off the walls as soon as his crate door is opened, rolling the cat like a soccer ball because I mean he IS black and white, SO…
(Side Note… said cat spent a night at Laursen’s Vet Hospital… I freaking LOVEEEE their entire staff there like family!!!… last week because he was acting so weird, and then it was finally determined he had suffered a neck injury from “playing” *abuse-cough cough* with Summit, and is STILL roaming the house like he’s living his best life Woodstock ’69 style, happier than I’ve ever seen him honestly… while not even on pain meds anymore… and at this point, I’m honestly just jealous.  Here he is, meet MY baby, seriously my emotional support animal of sorts – he gets me like that – well, until his best life began anyway, so who knows now… anyway, this is Chompy, covered up on the couch with me and Lincoln yesterday, ps… this would have NEVER happened before Bob Marley took over…) 
But I opened his crate this morning… and there he sat.  I literally walked away, towards the door to let him outside, and he didn’t move.  IS MY DOG DEPRESSED, Y’ALL?  I even took a picture to document.

And then he just lays back down…?  Ok, who are you… or how did you age a decade overnight, grandpa?

OR… is it possible that you’re annoyed by us ALWAYS. BEING. AROUND. YOU. and you just want your space???  Oh my goodness my sweet baby boy!!!  You’ve turned into a mom!!!  I feel your pain!  Ha… And since taking these pics this morning, he has absolutely turned into his crazy self again, so no worries anyone.  I just think the excitement of us ALWAYS being around has worn off lol!

Oh… and here is another shot of our entryway, aka the pet palace.  I’m pretty proud of it though.  It’s part of our addition that we did back in 2012, which also included my home office (where I’m broadcasting from every day… I’ll show that in another post soon… but you can see it just a tad through the french doors in the pic above) our garage, and all the space above.  The original part of our home was built in 1941/1942 by my husband’s great grandparents, and it is SO incredibly special to us!  (ANOTHER side note, which you may find a bit creepy, but I think is super cool… my youngest son’s – red mohawk dude – bedroom, is the same room his great uncle was born in, and his great great grandpa passed away in, years ago.  So much history and love in our home!)  ANYWAY… You can’t see behind where I’m standing, but there are built-ins with hooks completely overwhelmed by jackets and backpacks, a bench with drawers overflowing with shoes, and a stack of shelves with baskets filled with stuff we really don’t even need.
Yep, we live REAL lives over here people!  🙂

OH… and that contraption there… Yeah, I apparently fell and bumped my head a few months ago and thought my boys needed GUINEA PIGS!  WTH was I thinking?  Oh, I wasn’t.  Cuz I APPARENTLY NEEDED them.  Needed to clean and feed and whatever else them… any other parents feel me?!?!  But yep, there I am one day, scrolling FB, and see these two super cute RODENTS in need of a home… and first the girl was asking like $100 to rehome them… and then I saw she had come down to $55 and I thought WOW, not bad at all!  I. SHOULD. HAVE. KNOWN. BETTER. RIGHT. THEN. lol… But they really are actually very sweet.  They make us giggle A LOT.  They’re fairly easy to deal with.  And they (especially Kiki, the brown & white one) make me feel much better about the amount of food I eat. (Maybe they’re called guinea PIGS because their love for food, and lack of caring what others think while munching?)
PS… They’re also for sale.  CHEAP.

Meet Ratanburo & Kiki… both males, whom love each other and are great roommates and can’t make babies, so no worries of ending up with more rodents. SCORE!

Also, it’s worth mentioning that neither of these boys care if we’re stuck home or not… as long as we have food.  And water.  And hay.  And more food.

And then we have the only other queen allowed in my house (and that’s only because I hate mice, and apparently she does too.  And yes I realize those two things above are basically uncles to mice, but I find them cute.  Funny enough, I’m not the only one who has realized this either… as our female queen cat here has added “perched atop the stair steps, gazing down into a large wooden box, trying to figure out how to get the top off so I can really FINE DINE this evening” to her list of daily tasks to accomplish life goals.)
Meet ICK… Ice Cream Kitty.  Yes, that’s really her name.  And if you’re a Ninja Turtles fan, you know how my boys (and husband) came up with it… OH… and she was PO’d when we all started staying home all day last month… but she actually comes up to us more now, like she actually LIKES us even, maybe?  Like I said… the roles have reversed in my house with these furkids… and it’s kinda weird…

And again… baby Chompy.  Flying like a kite, on the couch with us.

I really am so blessed to have these babies to accompany me every day.  They save me from myself, my brain, my kids… and I hope you’ve enjoyed them here too.  🙂

Sending lots of love & pet hair…

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