Misbehave Now For Better New Year’s Resolutions

Photo credit: RubberBall Productions

New Year’s Resolutions… a time where we reset and look at our priorities for the upcoming year. (Or maybe the upcoming 2 to 3 weeks, if you’re anything like me! Anyway…)

Turns out, we are so excited about the new start in 2019 that the majority of Americans have given up on their health goals for the remainder of the year. Over 50% of people surveyed are giving into their temptations now through December 31st.

That smells delicious… eat it! Want a second or third serving of pie? DO IT! Feeling a little boozy, make it a double!

Research has found that in these days between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, we’re expected to overeat an average of 13 days. So… let’s call it 11 now that Thanksgiving weekend is over!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working on my overeating game for easily the last month, eating everything bad I can find. It feels like my body is literally preparing for hibernation! If this is you, cheers to a tasty holiday season!

What's your holiday food-approach?

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