Maroon 5 Dropping Halftime Show?

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It is quite unlikely that Maroon 5 will be surrendering the halftime show, but that’s what people are asking for! First, the backstory:

A new petition from asks  Maroon 5 to forfeit their spot at the halftime show for this year’s big football game in Atlanta. (You know which game it is!) The creator of the petition explains that a number of artists turned down the halftime show because of their support of Colin Kaepernick and the kneeling at the anthem. They’re asking Maroon 5 to also show their support of the football player by cancelling their halftime performance.

Is this REALLY what is for… entertainment disputes? So far, as of this afternoon (11/14) about 36,000 have signed the petition. That’s a handful, but it’s teenie when you consider that the United States has over 325 MILLION citizens.

To be clear, I’m not saying anything negative about the kneeling movement and the meaning behind it. BUT the halftime show is not about football. It’s about the entertainers. A huge chunk of people watching the halftime show have zero interest in the NFL and the football game. I can barely even tell you which teams are playing each year. I’m in it for the halftime show!

So let’s leave the political angle to the actual football game and the NFL and the fans to fight about. I say let Maroon 5 have their moment!

Whew… that said, what do you think? Weigh in on the poll below or leave your comments on the Mix 106.3 Facebook Page.

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