It’s nothing new… this tradition is all over Pinterest, and many brilliant mom blogs… all you have to do is Google “Valentines hearts on bedroom door…” and BOOM… ideas for days!

But that’s what us moms need to remember… we don’t always have to recreate the wheel!  We are allowed to use another mom’s brilliant idea **shout out to whoever that angel is** and not only are you allowed… I’m ENCOURAGING you to take this one, copy it exactly, or with your own spin… and move on!  No stressing… No fretting… You did good, mama!
And I bet your kiddos think you even did GREAT! 

Join us over at Mix Moms on Facebook, and join if you haven’t already!  Then, if you’d like to, share with us some of the things you’ll write on your babe’s doors over the next couple weeks!  AND if you have other traditions you do with your family… please feel free to share those as well!  🙂

We’re all just a group of moms… trying to make our days lighter, yet fuller.  <3  Happy early Valentine’s Day to us all!

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