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If You Need Something To Be Mad About… It’s Here

Some people just LOVE to be mad, and a new Gillette commercial proves it. (Watch it above) They both thrilled and enraged people with their latest commercial about men respecting each other and treating people well.

Sounds great, right? So HOW can people be upset about it? It seems those who are the most upset see this ad as an “assault on masculinity” by showing a “toxic male“. They seem to dislike the line “boys will be boys“. To them, I ask, what defines a man? Can’t men be caring and courteous and respectful to women?

I’ve never thought, “WOW that man is a terrible excuse for a male because he stood up for someone“. Never. The uproar is just proof that people need to be made at SOMETHING. I think it is a wonderful commercial from Gillette. End rant.

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