In the era of social distancing, one celebrity couple has created social-media presence thats above the rest. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are married, so they get to share their isolation and lived together. So how have they been filling their time… well with a kindhearted weekly YouTube show they call Some Good News.

As the title suggests, it’s a good news roundup anchored by Krasinski, with input from special guests. The shows first episode featured his old castmaste and dear friend Steve Carrell.

The show’s second episode, which posted late Sunday, rolls along amiably enough until about midway through, when Krasinski welcomes a 9-year-old named Aubrey.

Inspired by a tweet expressing sadness that Aubrey would have to miss her much-anticipated trip to see Hamilton on Broadway, Krasinski and Blunt informed a starstruck Aubrey that they’d be flying her to see the show once Broadway reopens. But then, given that Blunt starred in Mary Poppins Returns with one Lin-Manuel Miranda, they decided to top themselves.