Friday’s “Wheel of Fortune” Featured Two ‘Epic Fails’

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I can never get enough of those embarrassing guesses on “Wheel of Fortune”, which, thanks to the Internet, are preserved forever.

And on Friday’s episode, there were TWO.

First, a contestant said she was ready to solve the puzzle, and she should’ve been, since only TWO letters were missing.  The category was “Fun & Games,” and the board read:  “DOING HEADSTANDS AND HANDSTANDS” without the letter “H.”

She knew the first part . . . “doing headstands” . . . but REALLY struggled with the other word, before ultimately guessing “Doing headstands and BANDstands,” which makes no sense.  (There’s video, here.)



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Andy Slater


This is quite the epic fail 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Later in the same episode, there was a second FAIL by another contestant:  This time the category was ‘Same Name,’ and the board read:  “SESAME & _ALL STREET.”  So, you know, two different streets.

The contestant had to guess a letter for that last spot, and chose a ‘D’ . . . meaning she thought the answer was “Sesame & DALL Street.”  (???)

It was “Sesame & WALL Street.”  (Here’s video.)



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christopher ✭🐻🇺🇸@hbtc23

it’s getting worse and worse tonight

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