Disney Now Accepting Babies??

Photo credit: Richard Harbaugh/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Usually, Disney World is a magical place where kids love to go and dreams come true. However, for one brand new baby, it may be just the opposite. A just-born baby was handed to a Disney World employee by a woman believed to be the baby’s mother and then the mom left!

Here’s the shocker, apparently, this is totally within Florida law! In a nutshell, if a parent does not wish to keep their newborn, the law encourages parents to surrender their newborns at a safe spot. They say it prevents the horrible alternative of desperate parents hurting or killing their new baby.

So in this particular scenario, the woman believed to be the baby’s mother will NOT be facing any charges due to the Florida law. She has since been taken into custody for a psychological evaluation and reports are saying the baby is healthy and doing well.

Can you imagine just leaving your baby at a theme park or ANYWHERE for that matter? Honestly, I find the whole concept very difficult to wrap my head around. However in fairness, I’ve never been in a position like this mother has, so I can’t say for sure how I’d handle the situation.

The good news is, it sounds because of this law, surrendered newborns are given appropriate medical attention and support from government agencies. In theory these babies will likely stand a better chance at long term success than with an unwilling parent. Fascinating and heartbreaking all around!



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