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Clay Bird

Happy New Year!

Don’t stay “locked-in” the past…Make 2022 your year!

#MondayMotivation – Nobody Is Paying Attention

Don’t do it for them…Do it for you!

#MondayMotivation – Unmotivated

You’re not always going to be motivated, and that’s okay!

#MondayMotivation – Do What You Love

You can always fail at something you don’t want to do, so you might as well take…

#MondayMotivation – Block Out The Noise

Other people’s opinions of your life don’t matter…good or bad. Block out the noise and do what…

Monday Motivation – Just Wear It

Don’t make the same mistake Clay Bird did…be prepared this summer.

Monday Motivation – Don’t Take Anything Personally

When we take things personally we’re just making other people’s problems our own problem by worrying about…

Inspiration or Copyright?

Since Olivia Rodrigo released her album ‘Sour’ it has taken the internet by storm, but one track…

Monday Motivation – Winner Mindset

Winners focus on winning & losers focus on winners. Focus on being better than you were yesterday…

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