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Apology Line

Apology Line – Stolen Hoodie

When your favorite hoodie is missing and your S.O. is to blame…

Sibling Rivalry

Hey! Someone has to take charge… 🙂

Passing The Blame

Some things you can blame on the pet…and others you can’t.

Missing Cat

Does “Finder’s Keepers” apply to missing animals?

When Duty Calls

This has happened to everyone…at least once!

Shellfish Allergy

When shrimp attack… you might not get a call back!

Stolen Vaccine

What would you do if your co-worker stole your vaccine?

Sweet Tooth

When bringing home sweets backfires…

You’re Fired!

See what happens when you “joke around” at work…

Sandwich Thief

Looks like someone got a little hungry at work…

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