Angry Coffee People

Photo credit: Getty Images

I want it… it’s FREE… I deserve it! Maybe this went through your head this past weekend when you tried to obtain your free, reusable holiday cup from Starbucks, only to find that they were all gone? This irritated a good chunk of coffee-loving people and the social media outrage began.

Starbucks knows that ultimately, they’ve won this battle and it starts with their wicked-addictive coffee drinks. They know that a little grouchiness over not getting a free reusable cup won’t stop their dedicated clientele from getting their daily caffeine fix.

True, they didn’t have unlimited free cups. Sorry. (I’m sure they didn’t promise that) However, those very same cups are on sale in stores for under $3. And yes, that entitles you to the same $.50 discount that the free cups get. So take a breath, have some coffee and try to relax before the REAL holiday stress starts!



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