Woman Rides Horse Through Wendy’s Drive-Through [VIDEO]

A Pennsylvania woman’s stop for a snack at Wendy’s is going viral due to her unusual choice of vehicle — a horse.

Marcella Gruchalak posted a video on Facebook showing her and her horse, Buns, getting some snacks from a Wendy’s drive-through in Pittsburgh. She said the horse used to be very nervous and had trouble walking on various terrains, but she worked with him until he was able to handle situations that would have many other horses panicking.


“Another point I’d like to mention is to know your horse’s limits,” she said in a Facebook post. “Know the types of situations your horse is comfortable in and the types of situations that make him nervous and do not do anything that is out of your safety zone for you and/or your horse. It’s all about good horsemanship and learning.”

Gruchalak’s video, filmed while heading home from a fundraiser, went viral with nationwide outlets including ABC News picking up the footage.



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