Talk To Annie: Work Breakup Benefits

Think of your last breakup and then the few days following it. When you went to work, were you focused on your job or stuck in your head, putting pieces back together? I think for most of us, if something rough is going on at home, it’s hard to leave it 100% at home.

For this reason, a company in the Philippines is brilliant! If their employees are going through a breakup, they’ll get a couple free days off. The company says they need employees at their top creative level and breakups pull people off their game.

What about getting you back into a happy relationship? While they can’t guarantee it, they’ll also pay $30 for employees to go on dates (up to 6 per year), and even $3000 toward weddings of employees.

So the plan, get hired, breakup, grab the dating cash, and then the wedding bonus, and repeat! OK – actually don’t repeat! Pro tip – date and marry someone within the company and get double the relationship bonus money!

Would you use a company's breakup benefits, if offered?

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