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Nothing To Do With Taxes - FUN with Carly Rae Jepsen, Ariana Grande, and Bieber

Apr 15, 2015 -- 12:03pm

As an artist, it's probaly an honor to hear people cover your song... but probably WAY cooler when Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber and their people make a video of themselves singing your song.

Exhibit A: Carly Rae Jepsen's I Really Like You. It looks like they're having the time of their lives! PLUS it's great to see Bieber causing little to NO trouble! Need a 3 1/2 minute escape from the pressures of work and general life?? Enjoy!

Thoughts, comments, mean things to say? (nice things accepted too) Head to Twitter @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063.

Michigan Is No Longer Upset That Madonna Disowned Us

Apr 10, 2015 -- 1:04pm

Ultimately, I doubt anyone lost sleep over Madonna's recent negative comments about Michigan. Essentially said she had no desire to return. However, I think it's now safe to say that we're happy to have been disowned after Madonna's stand-up comedy performance on Jimmy Fallon. (Start around the 1:00 mark)

Super quick background: A couple weeks ago, Madonna said Rochester Hills, the town where she spent much of her youth is filled with "basic, provincial-thinking people".

Also MANY years ago, she referred to Bay City, her birthplace as a, "smelly little town in northern Michigan". As a Bay City person myself, YES, there's a certain odor from the sugar plant when the wind catches it, but overall, it's a lovely town. I'm happy to call it home.

Honestly, I couldn't have done any better. Madonna is a music, fashion, and entertainment icon... just not comedy. Did you enjoy her first ever live comedy set? Let me know on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063.

LL Cool J Knows How To Work It

Apr 03, 2015 -- 1:18pm

When you combine the forces of Jimmy Fallon and The Rock - not much bad can happen! On the premiere of Lip Sync Battle, they did not disappoint! The premise is simple: 2 contestants go head-to-head, each lip syncing 2 songs of their choice. But it's not so simple - the right guests are essential.

Click For Full EpisodeBetween songs, both The Rock and Jimmy Fallon were harrassing each other, talking a little trash. Chrissy Teigen, quite possibly my new favorite personality, looked like she was having the time of her life, smiling, dancing, and doing her thing. She's hilarious. Love her! Also, LL Cool J grabbed the host job and spent a considerable amount of time flirting with the camera.

Ultimately, The Rock unleashed his dance moves and seduced the audience, even telling us that he's the Tongue Wrestling Champion Of The World to a loud, cheering crowd. Ultimately, even Jimmy Fallon bowed down at The Rock's feet after the final performance.

Did you catch the show? Who performed best? Let me know on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063. See the full first episode here.

And The Best April Fools Joke Award Goes To...

Apr 02, 2015 -- 1:06pm

April Fools Day.

Some people are good at it, others display their sad, humorless prank attempts, and the rest of us just watch it all unfold. After sifting through dozens of prank stories, tweets, and videos, it's clear that either Katie Couric or Rihanna won April Fools Day.

With the help of Jimmy Kimmel's wife, Rihanna snuck into the Kimmel household to wake up Jimmy with a performance of B**** Better Have My Money. She brought dancers, lots of cash, a giant boom box,and flashing lights to truly terrify Jimmy out of his peaceful sleep. (Video censored for broadcast TV - includes some profanity)

She executed that VERY well! Still, I'd put her as Runner Up, second only to Katie Couric who nearly gave new Late Late Show host James Corden a heart attack. Everyone was in on the joke, except James.

Which is your favorite? Let me know on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

How Much Do You Enjoy The Poo Emoji?

Mar 11, 2015 -- 5:13pm

Looking to stay on top of multiple trends? Now you can buy what looks like a cute, light, summer dress, and added BONUS (or major downside, depending on your view) it's covered in 1000's of poop emojis.









Now, my actual question: Where do you wear this? Can you get away with it at work? I IMAGINE you'd want to stay far away from your boss on Poop Emoji Dress Day. Also, it's only funny or clever SO many times. So for just north of $100, maybe you get 3 or 4 casual nights out wearing the dress, then it's done?!

That said, fashion... not my specialty. So if you're loving the Poop Emoji dress, get it, rock it, and don't look back!

Buy it here. Also, let me know what you think of the dress on Twitter @AnnieOnAir.

Getting Young Girls Glamorous... Too Early?

Jan 06, 2015 -- 5:08pm

Remember when you were just a young kid who celebrated birthdays with a group of classmates at the roller rink, maybe heading to Chuck E. Cheese, or maybe just a fun day out in the park? Now (not surprisingly) kids' birthday parties with friends are headed in a new direction. The NEW trend for young girls (around ages 6-10) is Glamourous Spa Day parties.

Here's where it gets a little tricky: As a little girl, most of us loved playing dress up and grabbing Mom's lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow and wearing it around the house. Harmless right? With that logic, a day at the spa getting hair, nails, and makeup done is just ONE step further.

However, doesn't it make you think that this is teaching young girls about shallow, adult beauty standards at too young of an age? What if they equate their feelings of worth to how many people tell them how beautiful they look, all dressed up? If they're not being told these things while looking like a regular 6 year old, it could get confusing. Obviously, you want your girls to feel beautiful without having to put on a full face of makeup everyday.

So with all of this - what do you think? Are these glamour parties harmless, am I overthinking it (usually, yes), or should the makeup and glamour parties be for slightly older girls? Tweet me your thoughts @AnnieOnAir

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