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Do I Smell Bacon... In Your Pants?

Nov 30, 2015 -- 10:48am

Bacon scented underpants... only in our dreams?? Ok, well most of us probably have NOT dreamed this. But YES, just in time for the holidays, you can now make things awkward by asking loved ones to smell your bacon-scented underpants! And luckily, they're available for both men and women.

The website also comically advises that people like mail-carriers, veterinarians, and lion tamers should NOT be wearing these! (Hopefully that's an obvious statement?) Allegedly, the bacon scent lasts through about a year of regular wear and washing. I wonder if they make the rest of your laundry smell like bacon too?

Order your delicious-smelling underwear here. And follow me on Twitter for more @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

h/t Whitney Meers at Huffington Post

Your Marriage Proposal Won't Be More Nerdy Than This

Nov 25, 2015 -- 12:44pm

First, I'm NOT bashing this proposal at all! He did a wonderful job with the set up, the surprise, and he and his girlfriend looked very happy. And as a self-proclaimed nerd, I think I can say that it WAS a pretty nerdy proposal and mean it as a good thing!

Boyfriend, EJ, took a scene from Jurassic World where Chris Pratt's character, Owen, was trying to subdue the 3 dinosaurs. For the execution, EJ recruited 3 friends in dinosaur masks to jump out of the bushes... and THEN break into the Jurassic World theme song as he asked Katelyn to marry him.

See it unfold here:

Turns out Katelyn, now fiance, is a huge Jurassic World fan so this proposal was the perfect idea. Nerdy yes, but beautiful at the same time! Many happy years to them!

Head to Twitter and follow @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063 for more fun videos

We're Going To Need Another Turkey!

Nov 24, 2015 -- 12:03pm

A theme of Thanksgiving seems to be - always prepare FAR MORE food than your guests can eat. Even at the end of the night when the host is sending home piles of leftovers with the guests, there's still way too much prepared food leftover for anyone to finish. The fear, of course is that if you skimp, your friends and family will leave hungry and annoyed... and "hangry" isn't a good look for the holidays!

If you've ever tried to guess how much of everything is needed, then this handy Thanksgiving Calculator I discovered online is here to help! It even includes bottles of wine in the formula. YES! Results for 10 people, below.

What do you think? Sounds about right, I'd say. And a few extra bottles of wine NEVER hurt :D Give it a shot and you can blame your ruined Thanksgiving on me if it's a total failure. Follow for more (or to leave me angry t-day tweets) on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

Supposedly A "Bad" Remake Of Star Wars, But Actually Incredible

Nov 24, 2015 -- 11:15am

This next round of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is packed with special effects, as we'd all expect it to be. The most recent trailer is solid proof of that... very impressive!

However, even MORE impressive? A shot for shot remake by a group of people who DON'T have access to millions of dollars. They assembled a brilliant version of the trailer using cardboard, some various household products, and a few Star Wars accessories. Check out their work:

In case you aren't crazy-familiar with the trailer (I wasn't) you can see the two side-by-side here. (For best viewing, I'd recommend taking it to fullscreen). Their attention to detail is fantastic.

Follow on Twitter for more @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

Hiccups Can't Stop This Boy's Performance

Nov 23, 2015 -- 11:32am

Something as silly as the hiccups can really derail your conversation. But imagine that you got them just as you were supposed to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game. Most of us adults would probably have some trouble, but a 7 year old boy named Ethan didn't give the hiccups a CHANCE! He did fantastic! See for yourself:

It seems that the players on the field were chuckling while the hiccup-filled performance was happening, but at the cuteness of it, rather in a mean way. After Ethan finished, he got high fives from a bunch of the team.

PRETTY high on the Adorable Scale... at least an 8.5! Find more videos and stories on Twitter @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063

Breaking Up Is NOT Hard To Do

Nov 18, 2015 -- 11:40am

We've all been there... that one relationship that is all but done and just needs to be officially ended. Just PAY someone to do the dirty work for you!

Granted, I wouldn't feel GOOD about using these methods - quite impersonal, BUT I must admit, they get the job done, it's funny (to the sender), quite final, and it's a very smart idea for a business.

At a breakup text runs you $10, a personalized letter $20 for a more sophisticated approach (see photo), AND if you want a human touch, go with the phone call for $30. Even better, if the breakup is urgent, you can pay an extra fee and they'll rush your status into single!

And to avoid feeling like a TOTAL jerk, send a nice breakup gift box including Netflix gift cards, cookies, and your choice of ether a new video game or Blue Ray copy of The Notebook to soften the blow. The site hilariously describes the box as a possible "Memory Oven" that your newly single ex can stuff your photos and personal momentos into and set it on fire!

Suddenly, breaking up ISN'T hard to do! And if this all sounds TOO GOOD to be true... they're looking for professional heartbreakers to carry out the breakups and "change people's lives". (Their words, not mine) That's ONE way to put it!

Would you consider breaking up this way? VERY non-confrontational. I see the appeal! Share your thoughts on Twitter @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063

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