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In 7th grade I wrote an autobiography for an assignment where I declared to the world that I wanted to be a Radio DJ. I’m sure my family wasn’t worried at first, seeing as my career choices before that included airplane mechanic, kindergarten teacher, and a firefighter. I’m sure they assumed this radio phase would pass and their daughter would get a real job as many have put it through the years. Well it hasn’t!  And I couldn’t be happier... unless I had a Taco Bell in my basement, that would be the ultimate situation.
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Uptown Funk: Stuck In Your Head, Thanks To 280 Movies

Aug 03, 2015 -- 10:36am

It's always a combination of impressive with a touch of despair thinking, "wow that must have taken a LOT of time" when video masterpieces like this surface. For EXAMPLE - Bruno Mars Uptown Funk spliced together from 280 movies from classics like The Sandlot and The Breakfast Club to now like Eurotrip and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Very cool mashup. See for yourself:

Who knew that Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, and James Bond were all such Bruno Mars fans?! Follow on Twitter @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063

How Can You Sleep Through This?!

Jul 30, 2015 -- 9:39am

This guy's sleeping skills are unreal, admirable even! He and some of his friends are riding in a car and he falls asleep. Bad move! Out of some stroke of luck, his friends happen to have a bag of Twizzlers, which they decide to put in Sleeping Guy's mouth, one at a time.

You can hear them stifiling their laughter in the background of the video. Slowly they keep adding Twizzlers and this guy does not even FLINCH! Some of the best elements? How much they're enjoying the Twizzler-ing and how the candies are just hanging out of his mouth, bouncing slightly as the car drives along. Just TRY not to laugh!

Try to picture yourself, waking up with your mouth full of something and more extra objects on your face. The moments where he's trying to figure everything out - the best! Hopefully, you found it as amusing as I did. If not, you'll probably not be following me on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063. Comments welcome either way.

Don't fall asleep first!

The Latest Swimwear Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Jul 28, 2015 -- 1:11pm

This new fashion item reminds me of a gas mask used in war or at the very LEAST a mask you'd use for a robbery or maybe something from 50 Shades of Grey? Terrifying. Even more so, it's beachwear. Introducing the Facekini!

It's been making its way here from China and seems to be making some headway into American culture, but hopefully it ends here!

The basis for these is 1000s of years old, according to an article from BBC. In traditional Chinese culture, having a pure, tan-less face was a sign of prosperity. It showed that a family was well off enough to be able to spend their time indoors and not laboring in the fields. Essentially, pale skin was a status symbol.

However, those traditional views are becoming less of a focus in China as the popularity of tanning beds is gaining momentum. So with that, I just CAN'T understand what these Facekinis are doing in the US? Isn't our swimwear concept, "less is more"? Seems strange as we glamourize women running around in teenie, string bikinis, only to pair it with a sunproof ski mask. Am I alone on this?

Your thoughts... does the Facekini intrigue you? Let me know on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

A Very Special Day When Your Favorite Princess Calls

Jul 28, 2015 -- 12:16pm

Celebrities can be rude, thoughtless, and act very entitled. However, MANY other celebrities, like Kristen Bell, seem like wonderful people, taking time in their lives to bring joy to others. In this scenario, she did something fantastic for a young girl named Avery who has an inoperable brain tumor. Heartbreaking situation. Unimaginable.

However, you can see little Avery light up when she hears a voicemail from the very famous Princess Anna from Frozen, voiced by Kristen Bell. Anna mentions Avery's bunny by name and THEN you hear her talking to Princess Elsa in the background with a special surprise for Avery. See her reaction below:

Just hearing this, it's hard NOT to love Kristen Bell. Avery's reactions are so cute too. Are you on Twitter? We are! @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063

Lesson: Don't Ignore Bill Clinton's Marriage Advice

Jul 27, 2015 -- 1:46pm

Not sure if he's trying to be Most Romantic Man Of The Century or not, but Bill Clinton sure has a way with words! Of course we remember he got into some trouble for perjury and activities related to Monica Lewinsky. Just think, all that hoopla could have been avoided IF ONLY Hillary had taken Bill's advice early in their relationship...

I can explain. Bill recently revealed that his marriage proposal to Hillary was slightly LESS than romantic. His words included, "I want you to marry me, but you shouldn't do it". Foreshadowing, much? Looking back, he was probably right.

His logic though, at least sounds sensible. He said that Hillary had so much potential to make a career in politics that she should go do that, instead of getting tied down to him. Logical, but certainly not romantic. Remarkably, that proposal DIDN'T work. He had to do it 2 more times before she finally accepted. And the rest... is history.

Wanna hang out online? Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

High Heels Make Jurassic Park Way Better

Jul 27, 2015 -- 10:53am

You know what they say, the shoes bring the outfit together, but if it's me, the only shoes I'm running in are RUNNING SHOES. Sandals - forget it, slippers - no thanks, any form of high heels (yes, wedges included) - no WAY! Even in times of life and death, women in movies and TV are often seen running in high heels. Honestly, no idea how they can even do that! I'm impressed and bewildered, all at once.

Here's where it gets good. after Jurassic World decided to make Bryce Dallas Howard flee from the dinos in adorable heels, and some genius reworked the Jurassic Park franchise by adding high heels on all the characters - dinos included! The heel clicking sounds are great and of course the variety of styles, but EASILY the highlight - Jeff Goldblum wearing thigh-high red high-heel boots! See for yourself:

Of course, in real life, I love the effects of heels - longer looking legs, taller, leaner, I get it. Do you think the heels make the movie better? I'd say ABSOLUTELY yes! Stay connected on Twitter @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063

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