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For Non-Believers: Proof That Miley Cyrus Has Serious Talent

May 15, 2015 -- 12:54pm

This is one IMPRESSIVE performance by two unexpected stars - Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande!

Plenty of times in the entertainment industry, it's not about talent as much as who can stir up the most attention. Miley is of of the best at creating buzz and controversy. The MAJOR difference? Miley is insanely talented! I think many of us forget that when we see her riding a giant banana around on stage and living out her wildest fantasies.

Also, another young star who ALWAYS makes me stop and marvel at her talent - Ariana Grande. It's easy to initially write her off as "just another Disney kid star", but she has a huge, beautiful, effortless voice and a magnetic stage presence.

Think I'm crazy? Not convinced? Watch this collaboration between Miley and Ariana for Don't Dream It's Over.

Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions - "Don't Dream It's Over" featuring Ariana Grande

Soooooo thankful for Ariana Grande for being a part of the #backyardsessions!! You're the sweetest little #happyhippie bear-mouse ever! Loooooove you The Happy Hippie Foundation #HappyHippiePresents #dontdreamitsover

Posted by Miley Cyrus on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yes, everything else is silly about it: the costumes and the big, green, inflatable couch, to name a few, but WOW. How'd YOU like their duet? Share your thoughts on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063.

Ryan Gosling Vs Cereal - The Final Verdict

May 06, 2015 -- 9:59am

A while back, a series of mini-videos emerged on Vine with the theme Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal. Very cleverly done. The creator took clips of Ryan Gosling from movies where it looked like he was refusing to eat something. Then you'd see a spoon edited into the video with cereal on it, slowly creeping into the frame.

My favorite videos were where Ryan moved his hand and on the edit, it looked like he swatted the spoon away. You can even hear it fall! (Example of that at 1:07)

Highlights here:

The sad news hit yesterday that the creator of these Vine videos, Ryan McHenry, passed away due to cancer - a tough day for Ryan Gosling fans, Vine fans, and the Internet as a whole.

Now, the bright side. Ryan Gosling created his OWN Vine in tribute called Ryan Gosling Eats His Cereal:

Celebrities who really take time to appreciate their fans - priceless. Much respect for Ryan Gosling! Which of the compilation was your favorite? Share your thoughts on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix106.

Great Way To Make Your Face Look Ridiculous

Apr 22, 2015 -- 11:35am

It seems simple enough - if you want bigger, fuller lips, like reality star Kylie Jenner, just put your mouth on a plastic bottle, suck all the air out of it, and the pressure will make your lips swell. Easy right?

Apparently, it's even EASIER for it to go horribly wrong. The Kylie Jenner Challenge has been sweeping the teen-girl-nation recently and it's so bad that even Kylie herself Tweeted that people should stop doing this.


These girls are very pretty pre-Kylie Challenge. Some doctors are even saying it's dangerous because you could lose feeling in your lips... permanently. Kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it? Luckily, for most people, the scary results are only temporary.

Love the face you have. Honestly, there are times when I want to have a different nose or better cheekbones, but ultimately, what you may view as an imperfection, someone else will love an appreciate it as a part of you.

Have you done this "challenge"? Catch me on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063

Nothing To Do With Taxes - FUN with Carly Rae Jepsen, Ariana Grande, and Bieber

Apr 15, 2015 -- 12:03pm

As an artist, it's probaly an honor to hear people cover your song... but probably WAY cooler when Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber and their people make a video of themselves singing your song.

Exhibit A: Carly Rae Jepsen's I Really Like You. It looks like they're having the time of their lives! PLUS it's great to see Bieber causing little to NO trouble! Need a 3 1/2 minute escape from the pressures of work and general life?? Enjoy!

Thoughts, comments, mean things to say? (nice things accepted too) Head to Twitter @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063.

Michigan Is No Longer Upset That Madonna Disowned Us

Apr 10, 2015 -- 1:04pm

Ultimately, I doubt anyone lost sleep over Madonna's recent negative comments about Michigan. Essentially said she had no desire to return. However, I think it's now safe to say that we're happy to have been disowned after Madonna's stand-up comedy performance on Jimmy Fallon. (Start around the 1:00 mark)

Super quick background: A couple weeks ago, Madonna said Rochester Hills, the town where she spent much of her youth is filled with "basic, provincial-thinking people".

Also MANY years ago, she referred to Bay City, her birthplace as a, "smelly little town in northern Michigan". As a Bay City person myself, YES, there's a certain odor from the sugar plant when the wind catches it, but overall, it's a lovely town. I'm happy to call it home.

Honestly, I couldn't have done any better. Madonna is a music, fashion, and entertainment icon... just not comedy. Did you enjoy her first ever live comedy set? Let me know on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063.

LL Cool J Knows How To Work It

Apr 03, 2015 -- 1:18pm

When you combine the forces of Jimmy Fallon and The Rock - not much bad can happen! On the premiere of Lip Sync Battle, they did not disappoint! The premise is simple: 2 contestants go head-to-head, each lip syncing 2 songs of their choice. But it's not so simple - the right guests are essential.

Click For Full EpisodeBetween songs, both The Rock and Jimmy Fallon were harrassing each other, talking a little trash. Chrissy Teigen, quite possibly my new favorite personality, looked like she was having the time of her life, smiling, dancing, and doing her thing. She's hilarious. Love her! Also, LL Cool J grabbed the host job and spent a considerable amount of time flirting with the camera.

Ultimately, The Rock unleashed his dance moves and seduced the audience, even telling us that he's the Tongue Wrestling Champion Of The World to a loud, cheering crowd. Ultimately, even Jimmy Fallon bowed down at The Rock's feet after the final performance.

Did you catch the show? Who performed best? Let me know on Twitter @AnnieOnAir or @Mix1063. See the full first episode here.

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