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In 7th grade I wrote an autobiography for an assignment where I declared to the world that I wanted to be a Radio DJ. I’m sure my family wasn’t worried at first, seeing as my career choices before that included airplane mechanic, kindergarten teacher, and a firefighter. I’m sure they assumed this radio phase would pass and their daughter would get a real job as many have put it through the years. Well it hasn’t!  And I couldn’t be happier... unless I had a Taco Bell in my basement, that would be the ultimate situation.
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"Shake It Off" = The New "Happy"

Sep 15, 2014 -- 3:25pm

Remember a few months back when EVERYBODY and their brother was making a "Happy" video? Sports teams, to retirement communities, to business people, and so on... well, Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" looks to be next.

Not sure if it will reach quite as high as Pharrell's song did - but PLENTY of covers are emerging.

SO FAR - this is my favorite from Delta Sigma Phi at Transylvania University in Kentucky. All in ONE continuous shot, they did a pretty impressive "lip-dub", and thanks to their hard work, Taylor Swift gave each of them a ticket to her show. Well done boys!

Instagram Behaving Badly: Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner

Sep 08, 2014 -- 5:05pm

And today's theme: Nothing Cute About These Photos

Miley Cyrus decides that "stickers" are the new "shirts"

And Kendall Jenner, who recently turned 18, is taking advantage of being legal by having this photo taken. Maybe I'm just a jealous woman, but to me, this picture ISN'T good. It looks photoshopped to make her super skinny, with giant boobs. Ick! Am I alone on this? Or maybe I'm just getting old! :)



Both photos are cringeworthy. Cover it up! ~Annie~

Boys Can't Have My Little Pony Backpacks

Mar 19, 2014 -- 1:06pm

If your son's school informed you that he was no longer allowed to bring his backpack to school... what's your reactionWould it make a difference if the backpack was a My Little Pony themed bag?

A 9 year-old boy named Grayson in North Carolina and his family are dealing with this exact situation. The school says his specific backpack was a, "trigger for bullying".

True, kids can be mean and  will likely make fun of this boy and his My Little Pony backpack, but should it be the choice of the school OR a decision left to the parents? Shouldn't the school be taking a stand against those who are bullying Grayson?

Although I don't have kids, I feel that the school has gone a little too far. Maybe if they sent a note home, informing the parents of their concerns for the boy, it would have been a better approach. Check out a FB Page made by Grayson's family for more.

Where do you fall on this issue? Should the My Little Pony backpack be allowed or not? Let us know on Twitter @Mix1063.

Conditioner Before Shampoo - The Trick You've Been Missing?

Mar 18, 2014 -- 10:17am

This may sound crazy to a lot of people (including my hair stylist, Jill) but it has been proposed that the Conditioner should come BEFORE the Shampoo.  I stumbled across this online recently. The article's author, Alison, essentially has very fine hair that lacks volume. If this is you - just consider this for a second:

She theorized that her conditioner was weighing her hair down. SO by putting on conditioner first and working it through your hair, THEN using shampoo, it removes just enough of the heavy conditioner residue and leaves hair clean and bouncy. Makes total sense, right? I'm definitely going to try this and see what happens!

See the original article here.

Too Shallow For A Chubby Bachelor?

Mar 04, 2014 -- 2:24pm

It's pretty safe to say that The Bachelor or The Bachelorette contestants are generally gorgeous people. Recently, Chris Harrison (host of The Bachelor) was asked about the likelihood of having a chubby bachelor on the show. His response was a bit surprising when he said, "No... because that's not attractive and television is a very visual medium." WAAAAAAIT a minute.

Clearly, I'm no TV producer, but I feel like a chubby or "regular-sized" guy would be a GREAT Bachelor, that is, IF the show is really about finding love. Sure everyone wants the sexy, chiseled hunk, even if he's a jerk. You take the good with the bad, right? (Not necessarily the right mindset, but I think we've all been there.)

I propose they select a smart, funny, charming guy for the show BUT he will be some amount of chubby. Instantly, they've eliminated the most shallow individuals from the options. Are they looking for the guy with the huge biceps and 12-pack abs? Send 'em packing! Do the same for the Bachelorette - see how many guys REALLY want to get to know this woman and how many are just looking for fame and arm candy.

What do you think? Is a chubby bachelor or bachelorette BAD for business? Would you ABSOLUTELY not watch the show if that person was on it? Feel free to comment on the Mix 106.3 Facebook Page. Love to hear your thoughts.


Your Craftiness Is Genius

Mar 02, 2014 -- 3:50pm



Finding people like this makes me so happy that the Internet exists! On Etsy, a woman named Amber makes a dress modeled after the original Game Boy. Not only does it bring back memories of how I entertained myself during most of my childhood, but it also looks great.

Perhaps you feel the need to get your hands on this dress? Click to see the full dress details on Etsy. SO COOL!




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