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In 7th grade I wrote an autobiography for an assignment where I declared to the world that I wanted to be a Radio DJ. I’m sure my family wasn’t worried at first, seeing as my career choices before that included airplane mechanic, kindergarten teacher, and a firefighter. I’m sure they assumed this radio phase would pass and their daughter would get a real job as many have put it through the years. Well it hasn’t!  And I couldn’t be happier... unless I had a Taco Bell in my basement, that would be the ultimate situation.
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You Deserve To Have Your Phone Destroyed

Oct 13, 2015 -- 10:19am

It's fairly impossible to predict the next Internet trend. For example, what if I told you people were going to intentionally dangle their cell phones over things that, with one wrong move, could destroy said cell phone and THAT would be the next Internet sensation!? Turns out, it is!

It's called Extreme Phone Pinching and yes, it's just as silly as the name implies. You simply LIGHTLY hold your cell phone between your thumb and index finger over somewhere you DON'T want it to go, maybe over a toilet, over the side of a boat, off the side of a tall building. Then someone else (a must smarter person) takes a picture and BOOM you're trendy on the Internet.

While I DO think if you do things like that with your phone, you're asking for trouble, I won't feel bad for you when bad things DO happen. And added bonus is the rest of us get to look at pictures and videos from that time you destroyed $800 of your own possessions, just for a laugh. Some notable successes and FAILS here! Wheeeeee!

Those of us lucky (and smart) enough to just watch this trend really win. See some people "successfully" doing Extreme Phone Pinching here.

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The Toughest Dino Around

Oct 12, 2015 -- 11:51am

Not sure WHAT the magic is in this video... perhaps it's the throwback song, maybe it's the fact that a giant t-rex is doing the training course to practice for American Ninja Warrior? Whatever it is - I CAN'T get enough! Watch it and TRY not to laugh. I challenge you!

As silly as this looks, the guy in the costume, Reko Rivera, is one serious athlete. I could MAYBE do ONE of those activities, without having a giant t-rex costume on! He climbs ropes, does agility activities, monkey bars, and more in an outfit that CANNOT be easy to work with. Beyond impressed!

Also sorry if Walk The Dinosaur is stuck in your head now. It's a small sacrifice for T-rex T-raining (their joke, not mine).

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Matt Damon Has A GoFundMe Page. Kind Of

Oct 09, 2015 -- 2:10pm

Looks like even fake people can have GoFundMe pages now! One popped up to bring Matt Damon home from Mars. The publisher of this particular page writes he has tears streaming down his face and declares, "Let's bring him home!". The fundraising goal is $99 MILLION and so far they've raised $65. (Yes, $65 as of Friday 10/9 - not $65 million.) Hey, it's a start!

In case it wasn't clear by now, it's a spoof referencing Matt Damon's character in the new movie The Martian. I haven't seen the movie yet to know if this campaign is spoiler information or not. Anyway, some pretty funny comments from donors. One suggests that $99 million won't be enough money while another points out that Ben Affleck needs Matt Damon's companionship.

In the creator's description, he asks people specifically NOT to donate, but IF they do, he will be donating all the money to Matt Damon's real life charity. So even easier, just donate directly to Matt's charity, if you feel so moved.

The whole thing is well done, funny, lighthearted, and clearly fake. See the Rescue Matt Damon From Mars progress. #BringMattHome #BringBackMatt #BringHomeMatt

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An Idea You'll Wish You Thought Of First

Oct 08, 2015 -- 1:52pm

Part of the charm of Michigan is the 4 seasons, including the beautiful, changing leaves of fall. (Granted this CAN be a pain when we're talking about our yards, but I digress.) Consider the people who live in those warm, sunny, eternal summer climates. THEY don't have the "luxury" of fall colors.

And where there's a need, there's someone to fill that need! A man in New England will ship you a touch of fall for $19.99! Wait... WHAT? Nearly $20 dollars for LEAVES - he's gotta be crazy, right? Quite the opposite - one of the most brilliant business concepts around!

So what comes with your package? 3 (yes THREE) leaves which are, "carefully picked and color balanced". So I'm guessing a nice variety of fall hues. However, his actual selling point is that those leaves won't last long on their own. So he sprays them with a chemical to preserve them, in their current, glorious color and shape.

Still not ready to pay $20 for a couple leaves? Try taking a trip across the country and see if you can do it for under that price!! Check out the website to see it right from the source... or to order your far away relatives a gift that they'll never expect!

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How Do We Fit More Passengers On Planes?? Stack Them!

Oct 08, 2015 -- 10:52am

Remember how you set up the beds in your college dorm room? Either bunk beds or that crafty arrangement where you put your bed up high and put the desk under it... lofting, i think? It appears that general concept could be making its way into airplanes! Based on the drawing, it looks like they're wanting to stack us vertically to carry more passengers per flight. It even looks like you can recline all the way in some seats! Watch them explain the plan in the video.

Without actually seeing it, I gotta say, it might be a smart idea... added comfort is always a plus. My only question is how wide are these seat/bed things? I certainly don't want to be sleeping while touching strangers on either side! Also, for our claustrophobic friends, will it feel like you're trapped in a tiny box?

I wonder how the planning for this got underway. I bet at the meeting someone jumped up and said, "Hey - let's have passengers pretend they are cargo and just stack them that way!". And history was made!

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This Is What Winning The Lottery Looks Like

Oct 07, 2015 -- 9:58am

Maybe you've entered a lottery with a group of co-workers, distantly dreaming that you'll all hit the jackpot and live comfortable, glamourous lives. So you throw in your money, fairly sure that you'll never see it again. UNLESS you're one of these 12 coworkers...

The best part, perhaps is that the coworker that bought the tickets kept it a secret all weekend and presented the winning tickets at a meeting on Monday! How can anyone keep that big of a secret?! Ultimately, these Canadian coworkers are now the proud owners of a $60 million jackpot (minus taxes). Even if they take home a couple million each... QUITE a victory!

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