Michigan Teacher Wins April Fools Day

Let’s face it, a lot of April Fools pranks are pretty lame, but THIS is not one of them! A teacher named Joey Dombrowski in the metro Detroit area pranked his unsuspecting students a few days early with a spelling test for the ages.

The words in the test were not ONLY difficult, but also fake, making it very difficult to get the spelling correct. If I was in that class, I’d probably be crying in the back, thinking that I just blew my chance at getting into college after failing a test. Lame, I realize. That’s me as a student. However, I digress, check out the video for yourself:


I think the greatest part is when he’s using the fake words in a sentence, as if they were the most simple words ever. He REALLY sold the spelling test well.

How would you do on the quiz? Tangeteen (I eat my spaghetti with a tangeteen),  Speekuzslmn (pronounced Spee-coo), slipert, and more! The video is absolutely brilliant (and my spell check hates this post!)


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