Everything Looks Magical PLUS Lindsey Stirling

Maybe it’s just because as a young person, I watched Disney’s Beauty And The Beast (cartoon version) easily 100+ times, but every time the previews come on for the brand new live action version, it’s like you instantly NEED to see it! Just me?

Even BETTER? Lindsey Stirling added her talent into the mix by performing those beloved movie songs (video above) with her signature violin and dancing while dressed as Belle. Purely magical!

In addition, Emma Watson looks like a fantastic Belle and the whole movie appears to be created much the same as the original, even including many scenes that look nearly identical. I cannot WAIT to see it! Nostalgia levels are HIGH right now!

Have you seen the brand new Beauty And The Beast remake yet? How did it compare to your expectations? AND sidebar, what is your FAVORITE movie from when you were growing up? This one is for SURE in the running for me, maybe a tie with The Little Mermaid.


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