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Color Concert FAQs

Mix 106.3 Color Concert FAQ’s

The dry powders supplied by the event may stain hair & clothes, so concert-goers are cautioned not to wear their “Saturday best.” To avoid and/or minimize stain, vigorously shake out all dry excess powder before stepping into a shower, or throwing your clothes in the wash. Once the caked dry colors get wet, they are hard to get out. However, if one can shake as much as possible out while dry, there is a good chance of not having pink hair for the next month.

General Guidelines To Handle the Color Concert Like A Pro


  • Consider wearing protective items including, but not limited to sun glasses, bandanas, and dust masks.
  • Be courteous of others. DO NOT throw colors into peoples’ eyes or mouths. Rather, you can rub the colors into your hair, back of the your neck, and cheeks.
  • Consider bringing plastic seat covers for the drive home or even a change of clothes and a plastic bag for your concert clothes.


  • Avoid wearing contacts to any color event. The lenses tend to attract powder and may cause damage to your eyes.
  •  Anyone with asthma or any other breathing issues should avoid color events or AT LEAST wear a mask and stay well away from the center of action. The same advice applies if you happen to be allergic to corn starch.
  • Concert goers are advised to think twice before going into the middle of the crowd when the colors are first thrown. If you have not been before or have asthma, being smack in the middle of the crowd will be a challenge.
  • Under no circumstances should small children be in the middle of the crowd. Children are welcome at the show, however, they should be with an adult and wearing the right protection.


  • DO NOT throw colors on any passing cars, performers, musicians, and especially not on the uniforms of any firemen or police. If you do the latter, you might get arrested!
  • DO NOT bring in outside colors. They will be confiscated.
  • DO NOT throw colors close, hard, or directly into the eyes and/or mouth. You’ll find yourself being escorted out of the venue. No refunds.
  • DO NOT sell any non-approved items on the property. Vendors must have prior permission.

Those who would rather observe than participate in the throwing of the colors may stay back and watch from a distance, but there is no guarantee of safety.

Before The Color Concert

Hair: If you have light colored or highlighted hair, you may want to oil your hair before the race. This will help keep the color from sticking to your luscious locks.Coconut oil or olive oil work best but a good leave-in conditioner will usually do the trick as well. Every head of hair is different and will react differently to the color….especially highlighted or colored hair. The pink and blue specifically have been known to stain blondes for a few days. Plan accordingly.

Style: A bandana or scarf can be a pretty useful accessory. Use it to cover your  head and/or ponytail or even use it to cover your mouth in the color zones!

Accessories: We suggest some form of protective eyewear. Some people wear sunglasses or swim goggles. Have some fun with it AND keep they powder out of your eyes… a double win!

After The Color Concert

The fun, the excitement, THE COLOR! You want the memories of The Color Concert to stay with you forever, but if you are concerned about making sure the color doesn’t stick around longer than you’d like, here are some helpful tips:

  • Dust off as much dry powder as you can from your clothing and hair before you apply any water
  • Wash your color concert gear separately, with COLD water. Shout® Stain Remover and Oxyclean will work wonders.
  • Brush through your hair vigorously. Rinse out the oil/conditioner you wisely applied before the race with COLD water. Then wash your hair as you normally would. It is not uncommon for hints of some of the color, pink and purple particularly, to stick around for a few washes. Wear it like a badge of honor. Or wear a hat.
  • If your hair is still clinging on to the color, we’ve heard that a mixture of baking soda and blue Dawn dish soap can work wonders!

Ultimately, the color may not come all the way out of your white cotton shirt. You should be proud of that!! Every so often you may look down a see a little trace of pink on your clothing and smile. It’ll remind you that of the great time you had at the Mix 106.3 Color Concert!

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