Beep! Your Story Is Boring

We’ve all been trapped in a conversation with someone who is talking and is just PAINFULLY boring to listen to, right? It may become a thing of the past with a new invention that alerts people when they are being uninteresting.

So HOW does it work? Essentially it measures heart rate, speech patterns, and how often the speaker is repeating his or herself to make the call on how much boredom is happening. Then, it vibrates to let the person know to CUT IT OUT!

Sounds like one of those super clever ideas with the downside of REALLY killing someone’s self-confidence. They buy this thing, feeling like they are a super amusing person, then their buzzer starts constantly going off while they speak. Wouldn’t be good.

Ultimately, I don’t think most of us are ready for technology to tell us we’re boring. I’m not at least! I’m prepared to continue telling boring stories with no robots to stop me! Muahaha!

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