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Mix 106.3 – Radio Station

Radio 106.3 is a radio station that is home to some of the best groups and singers. In addition to the music, you can also get your daily dose of entertainment and political news from the radio station. This radio station also has many programs, and they go on-air in different time slots.

On-Air Shows

Here are the shows that are available on Radio 106.3:

Scott and Mandee in the Morning 

The Scott and Mandee show airs from 5:30 to 10:00 Am and offers the latest Hollywood headlines. Scott Shannon was born in Indiana and in 1984, moved to Michigan. He worked in the Tri-cities till 1991 and then spent nine years in Flint. He moved to Illinois in 2000 and spent nine more years in corn country.

Scott loves to travel; he’s been to Europe on several occasions, and in his spare time loves being on the water and enjoys doing photography. Scott’s co-host is Mandee, who is from Detroit. However, recently Mandee shifted to Flint from Detroit. Mandee worked at Detroit Radio for years and has three siblings, one of which is an identical twin to her. 

The Radio Café

The host of the Radio café is Christopher Ewing, and Radio 106.3 is mixing up with an Indie music channel to bring you a new online experience. Now, you can listen to the best artists or watch their videos. You can also be the first to listen to some of the best songs by bands and singers worldwide.

Christopher Ewing is an Emmy award winner who spins the best indie songs on the radio. This is a syndicated show, and Ewing developed this radio show to spotlight the local artists. 

The Radio café show has become an extremely popular show for bands and singers because it has offered them a platform to showcase their music. This show is also the perfect place for music lovers to listen to their favorite songs.

Experience Open Mic Mixer

Radio 106.3 is opening the mic for you, and now you have the opportunity to add your voice through an open mic mixer on the online Experience. You can record an open mic mixer on your smartphone for 30 to 60 seconds and send it over to us. You can also record an open mic mixer through your computer.

Mix Podcast

Radio 106.3 also has a podcast, and several guests have appeared on the show. Here are some guest highlights from the mix podcast:

Bill Harris

Bill Harris discussed a complicated internet scam about internet dating, which cost a woman around $ 50,000. He shares information about how you can avoid falling victim to this scam.

Dave Landau

Landau talks about his Michigan roots, the dangers of doing comedy at a sports bar, how he developed his cynical comedy style, and more. 

Ryan Cabrera

Cabrera talks about his upcoming music releases and how he feels about changing his name to Simba Cabrera.

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling was a contestant on the America’s Got Talent show. Stirling about her experience with Fanatics and having fun on segways abroad. She also discusses her journey to world recognition from America’s Got Talent. 

Tristan Prettyman

Prettyman talks about how she started her career as a songwriter and artist. She also goes into the behind-the-scenes of Cedar & Gold, her new album, and her upcoming Free Fall show in Bay City.

Specially for Radio 106.3

Pop to rock, hip-hop to R&B, country to classical, we strive to create a vibrant and dynamic listening experience. 

Always actual News

The “Always Actual News” is a political show that encompasses different political highlights and tells you things as it is. While other political shows might not show you the complete picture, that is not the case with Always actual news, and you will get all the details related to a political event or story. This show offers the most comprehensive news and current affairs coverage.